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Tweet Tweet

I am a regular reader of TechDirt, absolutely love the site. Admittedly, part of this stems from the fact that they hold similar views on a few important topics, such as copy right and business models for the movie and music industries. I've found them an interesting resource because they manage to put into words concepts that I've found difficulty expressing myself on, and I've come to depend upon them as a source when I get involved in these debates with friends.

One topic that I've been watching with some interest has been Twitter. For a while now, I've been acting like an old lady about it, with the "you punk kids! get off my lawn" sort of view. I lumped it in with the hell holes like MySpace, and the privacy vacuums like Facebook; so I never bothered looking into it, despite many friends being involved in it. The general perception of it (outside of those who've been paying attention to cutting edge online marketing) has been it's a cluster of idiots who post 140 character messages about what they ate for breakfast and the epic shit they just took. TechDirt has been drawing my attention to the more creative uses, such as Amanda Palmer's coordination of an impromptu beach party that turned into a music video, the tweeting and video responses from Isaiah Mustafa/Old Spice, and more recently, the mayor of Newark, New Jersey making news for tweeting his exploits as he ran around town during that crazy blizzard, offering aid to his constituents.

So today, I gave in. I'm now on twitter. Not sure what I'll do with it, but I'm following nearly a couple dozen people aready, and have three people following me in return. I'm curious, I'm there, let's see what comes of it. You can find me @diziara. Annoyingly, someone already had DeathKitten, which I would have much preferred, but oh well. That's what I get for coming late to the party. Anyone with advice on what the hell to do with this thing, drop a comment here or ping me via twitter. I wouldn't mind having more people to follow and more people following me, the more the merrier.

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Just in case anyone has some spare cash and want to help out: Bletchley Park is trying to raise money to purchase some Alan Turing papers that are going up for auction through Christies later this month. Here's the donation site, and here are the auction details.

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Airplanes make strangers of us all; Give us distance much too easily.

In October, teferi is coming to visit me between the 6th and 11th. He just purchased plane tickets, and I'm excited. :D We have some vague plans, and he's currently fishing for things to do while I'm at work thursday and friday. We already have two things planned, and I just purchased tickets for both.

Dan formerly of Babyland, has a new project: Continues... His first show up here in the bay area is 10/6, at DNA Lounge in SF. $8 if you buy tickets online before the show, $11 if you buy them at the door. Of the other three acts going on that night, I've seen Bloody Snowman before. He's pretty cool. I haven't see the other two, but they're probably pretty cool. At any rate, I'm way excited to see Dan's new project. <3

On Friday night, also at DNA Lounge, Abney Park is going to be there for the Swing Goth night. I'm not the best dancer, don't know if teferi is much of a dancer either, but if the other two acts are anywhere within the same league as Abney Park, the music will be awesome. I'm hoping to come up with something at least vaguely Steam Punk to wear, but we'll see.

If you think you'll be making it to either show, please give me a call, email or comment. That way I can at least look for you at the venue, if not consider car pooling or taking BART together.


Zombie Outbreak Barricade Tape

Okay, so some of you know that when I'm wrapping presents, I have a tendency to use Caution Tape as the ribbon, even sometimes making a florist bow out of the stuff (see exhibit A). Some of you even know why I originally started buying rolls of the stuff before it started being applied to my wrapping jobs. At any rate, I have a thing for Caution Tape, and I typically keep at least one roll of the stuff in stock in my house. <3

Tonight, I was checking web comics, and I *gasp* actually clicked through on an ad, because I was curious about something in the ad and it wasn't annoying, animated or making noise. While scrolling through the wares of one Tshirt Bordello, I came across the coolest fucking thing: Zombie Outbreak Barricade Tape. I so fucking need this shit, it's painful. If a roll of it were to end up being my birthday present, I would be insanely happy.

Also, this Tardis shirt looks pretty shiny, as well as this Dalek shirt. I typically wear an XL in women's cut shirts.

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May Cthulhu Come to Collect You, May He Bring You Madness and Pain

A friend of mine has been running a most delightful old World of Darkness campaign on game nights and I have been having lots of fun. He had us build two characters each, as he expected to have to kill us all off for one reason or another at some point... if we do something incredibly stupid. In our group, extreme acts of stupid are fairly common. So far we've had two people die, but not of anything stupid, so they didn't stay dead... I can't wait to see what one has to do to stay dead in this campaign. *grin* So I built a Nocker Changling, and a Malkavian Vampire. The first two sessions, I'd run my Nocker, as the first session was not Vampire friendly (lots of daytime/sunlight action, not good for that undead complexion and all). Her name is Eryn, she is a foul mouthed little prat and entirely too much fun to run. For those of you not familiar with the old World of Darkness system, Nockers are known for their amazing talent at building chimerical toys and their foul mouths. She's kinda steam punky, her adopted (she doesn't know is adopted) father works in construction, and got her a job with him. One of my friends in the group is running a little street urchin pooka that's a squirrel and Eryn and her father have taken the child into their household.

Friday night, we played the third session, and as it was a bit of a combat heavy situation, it was recommended I switch over to my Malkavian, as she's a little better geared for combat. She's a hacker with a sword fetish, and her derangement is desensitization. I built her kinda starting with Hiro Protagonist from Snow Crash as the inspiration, then went and turned her into a unique character from there. I quite like how she's developed, though I'm still getting a feel for her. I'd thrown an epic shit-ton of her character stats behind dex and melee, so when I was rolling for her strikes with her katana, I had a pool of nine dice to work with. My dice collection isn't too big, but it's respectable. I have 8 normal d10s, 16 mini d10s, and then 4 d10s that I'd only realized were cheaters long after I'd bought them. The mini d10s were rolling like shit, and were a pain in the ass to read, so they quickly got set aside. And as much as knowing four of my dice couldn't botch could be nice, I figured I probably should play fair since I was rolling so many dice that it really wouldn't make that big of a difference. This left me a little short on dice to roll, and I ended up borrowing dice from others the whole of the combat. A little annoying. :(

So, yesterday when drwho4 and I went out to do some chores, we agreed to stop into the game and hobby shop near where we were going to see if I could pick up some more dice. Unfortunately, their selection was annoyingly lacking in purple d10s, and we tried searching for other local game shops... only to have none that would have dice come up closer than Berkeley or across the bay in San Mateo. We ended up deciding to investigate the shop that came up in San Mateo, since neither of us had been there before. After a delightful drive across the San Mateo bridge (I love driving across bridges, don't ask me to explain why, I can't), we found the shop with little trouble and started browsing. They were doing a sale on their miniatures that day, and they had other goodies of interest in the place, so I came away with a few things. I picked up 10 more d10s, seven of which were varying shades of purple, two were orange, and one was a blue borealis. There was also this new game from Steve Jackson Games, Cthulhu Dice that I absolutely had to have, if for no reason other than it had a pretty purple d12 with pictures of tentacles, elder signs, yellow signs, Cthulhu and an eye of Horus. The game itself is pretty simple to play, and it's a quick and dirty way to kill time. I also picked up a pack of adventurer minis for Call of Cthulhu, which at some point I hope to run a campaign of. First I need to figure out the most cost effective way to get them all painted up.

This morning, Carmen had hidden her fuzzy butt under the couch for some reason that had left me mystified... but I've long since stopped wondering why kitties do the weird things they do. So I was playing around with my new dice, my cthulhu dice game in particular. I was just playing the game against myself, and along comes Carmen sniffing at the die and the sanity markers. Then I decided I should put away my new d10s, and so I had to dump out my whole dice bag so I could put the least likely to be used any time soon dice towards the bottom. Carmen starts batting at the dice, which made me giggle. :) I love my kitty. <3 Once I'd put all the new dice into the bag, it was pretty well stuffed, which means I really shouldn't put off sewing my new dice bag much longer. I have some penguin fabric my mom game me after Christmas a year and a half ago, as well as some bright orange faux fur that I'd originally bought for a fuzzy dice project, but I think the pile is too long for fuzzy dice, so I might as well re-purpose it to the dice bag project.

Last night, the mother's boyfriend asked me what I wanted for my birthday... with it being just a few days short of a month away now. I hadn't really been giving much thought to that topic yet, but I did manage to tell him that I was hoping to acquire a proper wok (no non-stick finish, yuck) as well as the various tools recommended for use with, and a stand alone gas burner so that I don't have to fuck with trying to use a wok on an electric stove. Thinking a little more about it today, here's a more complete list of what I'd like getting:

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