Death Kitten (diziara) wrote,
Death Kitten

Firefox + NoScript + Approve all cookies before being set != LiveJournal.

So, as some of you may have noticed, I've been more than a little quiet on the LJ as of late. Most of the people I'd friended on here have long since moved onto other sites, or only post intermittently. I still checked in and read what you posted until recently when I made the switch back to Firefox and tweaked some settings to be more privacy minded. When I got annoyed with how many damn cookies various sites were setting, particularly the small number of ad hosting sites that like 90% of the big sites use, I set Firefox to get my permission every time it tries to set a cookie. However, once I did this, LJ doesn't want to let me log in anymore. So, I can log in using Chrome, but since I've stopped using it as my primary browser, it doesn't always make it into the rotation.

If there's something you've posted recently you want to make sure I didn't miss, feel free to let me know in comments. I'm sure I've mentioned before, but you can keep up with me via twitter: @diziara or Diaspora*: (if you already have a D* account on another pod, use this link: via

Tags: chrome, diaspora, firefox, service_announcement, twitter

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