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I am a regular reader of TechDirt, absolutely love the site. Admittedly, part of this stems from the fact that they hold similar views on a few important topics, such as copy right and business models for the movie and music industries. I've found them an interesting resource because they manage to put into words concepts that I've found difficulty expressing myself on, and I've come to depend upon them as a source when I get involved in these debates with friends.

One topic that I've been watching with some interest has been Twitter. For a while now, I've been acting like an old lady about it, with the "you punk kids! get off my lawn" sort of view. I lumped it in with the hell holes like MySpace, and the privacy vacuums like Facebook; so I never bothered looking into it, despite many friends being involved in it. The general perception of it (outside of those who've been paying attention to cutting edge online marketing) has been it's a cluster of idiots who post 140 character messages about what they ate for breakfast and the epic shit they just took. TechDirt has been drawing my attention to the more creative uses, such as Amanda Palmer's coordination of an impromptu beach party that turned into a music video, the tweeting and video responses from Isaiah Mustafa/Old Spice, and more recently, the mayor of Newark, New Jersey making news for tweeting his exploits as he ran around town during that crazy blizzard, offering aid to his constituents.

So today, I gave in. I'm now on twitter. Not sure what I'll do with it, but I'm following nearly a couple dozen people aready, and have three people following me in return. I'm curious, I'm there, let's see what comes of it. You can find me @diziara. Annoyingly, someone already had DeathKitten, which I would have much preferred, but oh well. That's what I get for coming late to the party. Anyone with advice on what the hell to do with this thing, drop a comment here or ping me via twitter. I wouldn't mind having more people to follow and more people following me, the more the merrier.

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