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I, for one, welcome our new google overlord.

So, I just checked my email and found a little surprise in it. Someone had triggered an account password recovery on my google/gmail account. Of course, it was a little weird, as the account recovery password did indeed go to my gmail account, since I have been forwarding the secondary account to my gmail for a while now. It's a forward only address, so I'd be kinda a lot of screwed if I lost my account password.

I did just change my password and security question, so things should be shiny at any rate, I'm just mildly annoyed that someone thought they could get into my account and play with my shit. Bastards. I'm am curious who tried it, but Google says they won't give me any useful information if I ask them what is up. They just suggested I change my password and security question if I get an unsolicited "Forgot your password?" email.

Tags: confused, random, rant, recap

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