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Anyone alive?

Anyone actually still use this thing?

I think I have most of you who'd been active last time I looked in on various other social networks now, but in case you missed the memo? Still don't have Facebook, but if you're looking for me on another network, feel free to comment and let me know.

Since I know more than a few of you on here because of gaming, I should probably also mention my current star trek sim: USS Joshua Norton, named after a SF legend who'd declared himself Emperor of the United States (and protector of Mexico). We're a clandestine operations ship, set in 2415, and our current mission is visiting the resettled Romulans on the Yridian homeworld. The CO is the daughter of Diziara, my regular character for star trek sims.

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Firefox + NoScript + Approve all cookies before being set != LiveJournal.

So, as some of you may have noticed, I've been more than a little quiet on the LJ as of late. Most of the people I'd friended on here have long since moved onto other sites, or only post intermittently. I still checked in and read what you posted until recently when I made the switch back to Firefox and tweaked some settings to be more privacy minded. When I got annoyed with how many damn cookies various sites were setting, particularly the small number of ad hosting sites that like 90% of the big sites use, I set Firefox to get my permission every time it tries to set a cookie. However, once I did this, LJ doesn't want to let me log in anymore. So, I can log in using Chrome, but since I've stopped using it as my primary browser, it doesn't always make it into the rotation.

If there's something you've posted recently you want to make sure I didn't miss, feel free to let me know in comments. I'm sure I've mentioned before, but you can keep up with me via twitter: @diziara or Diaspora*: (if you already have a D* account on another pod, use this link: via

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Onward and Upward.

I've got a new apartment! I've got a new apartment!

*does a little dance*

Those of you in my contact filter, I'll be updating that page with the final address once I have it. We've got lease paperwork to finish filling out, and the move in date's in July. So excited.


We’re the Terror of the Skies but a Danger to Ourselves.

Back in July, Captain Robert of Abney Park announced the pre-order of the upcoming Steampunk RPG, Airship Pirates. The first 300 ordered from Abney Park's store would be signed and numbered, and I thought this was shiny. Having poor impulse control (seriously, I should have that tattooed on my forehead) I couldn't resist ordering... and justified it as a self birthday present, seeing as it was due to be released and shipped around my birthday. I had no idea about the company he'd partnered up to do this project with (Cubicle 7, Cakebread & Walton), but I figured even if it did suck, that it would still be a pretty piece of Abney Park flavored collectible.

After much excited waiting, it finally arrived the first day of September. My first impression of the book was it's gorgeous. I spent a bunch of time just flipping through it, reading it from cover to cover. The artwork is amazing from some very talented people, the layout is beautiful... and all in all, I am very pleased with the book I received. Considering I am a print geek, that says a lot. Some of the time I spent poking through the book was at work (while watching my printers, on lunch, or whatever). I had multiple people in the shop actually stop and note how pretty the book was... one in particular asked me what it was because it's gorgeous.

Armed with my excitement from what I'd read so far, my love of Abney Park's music, and how the system seemed to encourage role playing over roll playing, I was quick to encourage my regular gaming group to start building characters. Most of my friends were more than happy to do so, and we found the characters easy to build, not unlike the old World of Darkness system I had taken such a fondness to. The only spanner in the works was one of my two munchkin friends. He kept trying to crunch stats, rules lawyer and all in all try to work a system that's for the most part pretty damn light. Once we finally got him to remove his cranium from his ass, his character finished up relatively quickly. The only other delay at that point was haggling over the ship's stats, and whining about how tiny the Tigerfish class airships are.

I had opened character creation saying that I was going to leave who is the captain of the ship up to "friendly" competition among the players, and that I was open to being bribed if a tie breaker for the decision was needed. Sadly, bribery was not in the cards yet... as it was quickly agreed that our more violent munchkin (the one who wasn't the cork in the butt hole of progress) should be captain, as in our Battlestations game he is always vying to steal the captaincy of the Mahna Mahna from me. The ship was soon named the SS Pearl Necklace, under Captain Gavin McCloud.

A motley band of mercenaries who hide behind the facade of a flying 'Wild West Show', they are careful to try to keep a non-reputation. Gavin is a seventeen year old Skyfolk with ginger hair, green eyes, bad reputation and an addiction to masochism. His uncle Jordan McCloud is the Pearl Necklace's doctor, an older pirate at the archaic age of thirty, and has a clockwork eye to replace the one he lost (the scar across that eye speaks of the savage nature in which it was lost). The mad scientist is one Mr. Wizard, a twenty-four year old upper class gentleman escaped from a Change Cage City so that he might be able to learn and explore more than The Emperor deemed fit without ending up in the Change Cage for it. Abigale Sirocco is a somewhat absent minded nineteen year old gadgeteer tasked with keeping the Pearl Necklace airworthy, and helping out wherever the crew needs it. John Turing, formerly known as John-2 in a life forgotten to him, is a Doll who fell in with the Pearl Necklace. "King" Matata Roche is a witch doctor from the bayou with the training of a Beast Dancer, generally feared by both crew and locals when in port. The reason why he left his Neobedouin tribe is as much a mystery as it is why Captain McCloud keeps him around... though he is certainly not at odds with the James West diplomacy embraced by the crew: "shoot first, shoot later, shoot some more, and, when everyone's dead, try to ask a question or two."

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Mechanically speaking, the system is indeed lightweight and fun. We did have some hickups during these first two sessions, but that is easily attributed to still getting used to the system. I am hoping to put together a GM screen with some of the more common mechanics broken down for quick reference, as well as the weapons damage chart and other useful bits of quick reference, to hopefully help the flow in the future. I also want to acquire more of the black pirate dice I have, so that I can make those the "official" black dice for rolling. It would be fantastic if Captain Robert could offer up some dice customized with the Abney Park jolly roger logo, but I don't know what all would be involved in doing that, nor how much it would cost up front or who else would be interested.

Hopefully after a few more sessions, we'll get more into the flow of things. I already have some ideas for subplots I wish to put into play, and I will have to ponder on options for the shorter one off stories also. I think my players all had fun, and hope they're looking forward to future sessions.

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Honda == <3

I had an adventure today. I bought a car.

She is a Honda Fit Sport, 2009. In the pretty purple color that's dark enough it nearly looks like black. Pretty pretty. I named her River. Named for both Tam and Song.

If you want to see her, shitty camera phone picture is available here: I will get better pictures soon. Promise.

At work on Monday, I will have to make a Babyland sticker to put on her back window. <3

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