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insane ranting and raving
...of a goddess, lost in her own mind.
I <3 Babyland. 1989 - 2009
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster! The Ubuntu Counter Project - user number # 14848 Linux user #448629 Where&apos;s George? 

Looking for some play by email RPG fun? Check out the game I help run:

  • HMS Prima Vista is an airship sailing the skies above 1890's Steampunk alt-London. The crew unexpectedly liberated the airship, and found themselves making a new life with a pirates' livelihood.
2015.11.23 1605.00 - Anyone alive?
twig, just an object, gun

Anyone actually still use this thing?

I think I have most of you who'd been active last time I looked in on various other social networks now, but in case you missed the memo? Still don't have Facebook, but if you're looking for me on another network, feel free to comment and let me know.

Since I know more than a few of you on here because of gaming, I should probably also mention my current star trek sim: USS Joshua Norton, named after a SF legend who'd declared himself Emperor of the United States (and protector of Mexico). We're a clandestine operations ship, set in 2415, and our current mission is visiting the resettled Romulans on the Yridian homeworld. The CO is the daughter of Diziara, my regular character for star trek sims.

saw sky and remembered, little soul big world, cow, eat sleep and eat
So apparently I can LJ from my trick new phone. Since the quantity of posts I can read are infrequent enough that I run out of what LJ will queue up for me before having to skip back a page on my friends' page, then I suspect keeping up from my phone only could be reasonable.

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

saw sky and remembered, little soul big world, cow, eat sleep and eat

So, as some of you may have noticed, I've been more than a little quiet on the LJ as of late. Most of the people I'd friended on here have long since moved onto other sites, or only post intermittently. I still checked in and read what you posted until recently when I made the switch back to Firefox and tweaked some settings to be more privacy minded. When I got annoyed with how many damn cookies various sites were setting, particularly the small number of ad hosting sites that like 90% of the big sites use, I set Firefox to get my permission every time it tries to set a cookie. However, once I did this, LJ doesn't want to let me log in anymore. So, I can log in using Chrome, but since I've stopped using it as my primary browser, it doesn't always make it into the rotation.

If there's something you've posted recently you want to make sure I didn't miss, feel free to let me know in comments. I'm sure I've mentioned before, but you can keep up with me via twitter: @diziara or Diaspora*: deathkitten@diasp.org (if you already have a D* account on another pod, use this link: deathkitten@diasp.org via dia.so).

2012.06.02 1834.00 - Onward and Upward.
saw sky and remembered, little soul big world, cow, eat sleep and eat

I've got a new apartment! I've got a new apartment!

*does a little dance*

Those of you in my contact filter, I'll be updating that page with the final address once I have it. We've got lease paperwork to finish filling out, and the move in date's in July. So excited.

2012.01.14 1419.00 - Uh, Wow.
fish dreams

Um, yeah. Totally digging on this:

I don't know WTF is up, but LJ isn't showing the video embedded for me, so here's a link to the video just in case: Vashta Nerada [Doctor Who Theme] performed by Traffic Experiment - Official Music Video

2012.01.07 1933.00 - Diaspora
saw sky and remembered, little soul big world, cow, eat sleep and eat

So, I'm trying this Diaspora thing now. Come find me: https://diasp.org/u/deathkitten

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